Have you ever missed a sign-up deadline?

Have you ever said “I’ve never heard about that event?”

Have you wished for more ways to stay in touch with school parents?

Merchantville School PTA is now using Konstella as a full service communications portal.
Konstella is a private and secure service that keeps you informed on school activities and
connected with other parents at your school (e.g. class parties/school skating parties or interest-
based groups such as play dates). It also includes a student/staff directory and the ability to signup for events in your child's classroom or with the entire school.

To watch a video about Konstella, click here:

​To join, simply enter the following link in your browser:



Download the Konstella app on your phone or tablet to get alerts, sign up to volunteer or
donate, and access directory information.  To join via the app, follow these simple instructions -

1. Download the Konstella app (iOS and Android compatible)

2. Tap on “Register by Invitation Code”

3. Enter invitation code Ib9gQ3

4. Tap on “Join in your e-mail”