2020-2022 PTA Board Elections

2020-2022 PTA Board Elections (Virtual)

The PTA Board Nominating Committee met throughout the months of March and April in order to select individuals for the coming 2020-2022 term. At the May General Meeting, via Zoom, the Nominating Committee announced the slate for the coming term's elections.

Elections will take place on 17Jun2020 at 7 pm virtually, via Zoom. The following individuals are on the slate.

President: Denise Wackes

Treasurer: Lori D'Ambrosia

Secretary: Elizabeth Bairner

VP, Public Relations: Mariaelena Beauchamp

VP, Membership: Carrie Brown

VP, Programs: Stacey Kerr

VP, Ways and Means: Amanda Tennant

VP, Ongoing Programs: Sabrina Winkler

Any individuals wishing to run for a position may "run from the floor" during the elections. In the event that there is more than one person running for a position, a vote will be held by ballot via private Chat.

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