The PTA Student Ambassador Program is an exciting opportunity for Merchantville School Junior High students (6th through 8th grade) to become involved in promoting the PTA to others and assisting the PTA to meet their goals.  At the same time, the students will gain valuable skills through leadership roles. Leadership is not something you are born with. Leaders are developed and nurtured.

How would you like to:

  • Develop leadership and public relations skills.

  • Earn professional letters of recommendation for employment or high school/college references.

  • Help run PTA programs.

PTA student ambassadors will:

  • Work closely on certain projects with the PTA.

  • Represent the PTA at various functions.

  • Distribute information, fundraising materials, etc. at PTA tables during PTA functions.

Do I have time to be an ambassador?

  • This program must never interfere with your schoolwork. Schoolwork always comes first.

  • You can be flexible and decide what functions you are able to help with.

  • You are never expected to do it all yourself or participate in everything.

Do I need to go to PTA meetings? It may be helpful to attend some PTA meetings, but it is not necessary.

How will I be selected for this program?

  • Complete the Student Ambassador application.

  • Obtain a letter of recommendation (form comes with the application) from a Merchantville Elementary School teacher or Administrator.

  • Be available to work with the PTA at times.

  • Enjoy being helpful.

  • Keep up your schoolwork/do your homework.

  • Demonstrate initiative.

  • Be reliable. 

What types of things will I do?

  • Help distribute assignment books or other PTA fundraiser purchases at events or after school.

  • Help work the Book Fair during the evening Family night.

  • Help decorate for Cultural Arts Night.

  • Hand out programs at the Talent Show or assist with Spirit after Dark.

  • Help with Teacher Appreciation Week.

  • Help with the parade group.

  • Help serve at the annual Tea Party.

“Who I am, is not necessarily who I become.”  Individual growth needs to be taught.  Leadership needs to be nurtured.  This program is not for popularity.  You do not have to be an honor student.  This program is for students interested in learning to lead.  Are you a student that likes to help?  If so, please apply.  Place completed application forms in the brown envelopes or the PTA mailbox in the office.

All applicants will be notified via e-mail regarding acceptance.  If you do not hear from the PTA, please contact Nicole Kipp.
Parents and teachers, please discuss this program and its value with your children/students.  Parent letters of recommendation are welcome along with the teacher recommendation. If you or your child think they would be good for this program tell us why.

The PTA looks forward to mentoring our student ambassadors.